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Repairing Vinyl Siding You need a special unlocking tool to do the job right Unlike wood clapboards, vinyl siding is so thin and flexible that each piece has to lock onto the ones above and below to keep a house weatherproof. So when a piece of vinyl breaks, the "key" to making the repair is a zip tool, a miniature curved pry bar with a metal hook at its tip to unlock the siding. Here's how to use it. 1. Snap out the old piece. Wedge the zip tool up into the horizontal joint where the "hook" at the bottom edge of the damaged piece fits into the "lock" of the piece below. Pull the tool down and out as you work it along the joint until the hook pops free. Do the same along the joint above the damage. Now, using a pry bar, remove the nails from the damaged piece. 2. Snap the new piece on. Cut a replacement piece to length with a sharp utility knife guided by a square. It should be at least 2 inches longer than the space it is covering. Hold the piece horizontally so that each end overlaps the neighboring siding by at least one inch. Hook the replacement's bottom edge into the lock at the top edge of the piece below. Push the replacement up, under the piece above. 3. Nail it. Lift the overhanging piece out of the way, then nail the new piece in place with 1¼ to 1½-inch aluminum siding nails. Drive a nail every 16 inches, aiming for the center of the prepunched holes along the nailing flange at the top. The nails shouldn't pinch the siding; vinyl needs to expand and contract. 4. Zip it. Hook your zip tool onto the lock at the top of the replacement siding and pull it slightly outward and down. At the same time, push the lower edge of the existing siding in toward the house with your free hand until it engages the replacement piece's groove, as demonstrated above. Slide the zip tool horizontally until all the siding above snaps into the lock's groove. Tip: Because of all the bending required, the best time to repair damaged vinyl siding is in summer, when the plastic is warmer and more flexible.
There are many important elements that go in to keeping a home protected from wind, water and other weather damage, but perhaps no feature is as underappreciated or as important as the gutters. Without properly functioning gutters, a home can suffer significant damage, not to mention the negative ascetic impact clogged or broken gutters have on a home's curb appeal.

 It is important, therefore, for homeowners to know the basics of do it yourself gutter repair. While the installation of a new water drainage system for the home may require the assistance of a professional contractor, most simple gutter repairs can be made without such help.

 As with any type of project, it is important to plan properly, and to gather the tools you will need to complete the job. When purchasing replacement pieces for worn out or damaged gutters, it is always a good idea to purchase more than you think you will need. Having additional pieces on hand will help you avoid having to run out to the home improvement center in the middle of a job, and those extra pieces can always be stored for later use.

 Many of the gutters in use today are the plastic variety, made to easily snap together, and making repair and replacement of individual pieces a great deal easier. It is important, of course, to get a tight fit when replacing those worn out pieces of gutter, and the area around the repair should be inspected after the next rain to ensure that the area is draining properly.

 In fact, checking the gutters is something that every homeowner should do on a regular basis. Check the gutter line a day or two after a heavy rain, looking particularly for areas where water has pooled. These pools of water could indicate a leak in the drainage system, and it is important to address these leaks as quickly as possible, before further damage can occur. Keeping on top of the condition of the gutter system, and making needed repairs as soon as a problem is detected, is one of the best ways to keep your important investment protected.
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